We are excited to offer teams for players entering grades 4-11 (Class of 2023-2030) for the 2022 Spring/Summer AAU Season!

We do have openings at the 2030 (current 4th grade) and 2028 (current 6th grade) rosters.  Please contact us at mnmetrostars@gmail.com to learn more.


2022 Season Info:

Team Selection:  Teams for the 2022 season will be formed based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, evaluation at August workouts/tryouts and performance during the just completed AAU season.  Players that are offered spots will be contacted by the head coach at the age level.

Head Coaches:  Ellen Wiese (2023), Matt Pryor (2023), Leah Szabla (2024), Alexis Garcia (2025), Ana Garcia (2026), Chris Robinson (2027), Marlon McCoy (2028), Brooke Torvik (2029), Jennifer Phillips (2030)

Practice:  Teams will practice on average two times per week from late March until the conclusion of the season for 90-120 minutes a time. Most practices will be held on weeknights  with dates, times, and locations set once the teams are selected.  Weekend practices are possible when tournaments are not being held.  Bloomington and Hopkins have been our primary practice sites in years past.

Team fees:  Team fees for the 2022 season are as follows:  2023 and 2024 teams ($1295), 2025 and 2026 teams ($1150), 2027-2030 teams ($850).  An initial $500 team fee will be due for all players by Oct 1st.  The team fee balance will be due March 1st.  Payment plans can be arranged as needed.  The fee will cover everything except an AAU card ($16) and player expense to out-of-state tournaments.   All players will get a gear package which includes a shooting shirt and backpack which will be theirs to keep at conclusion of season.  Uniforms and practice jerseys will be turned in at the end of the season.

Tournaments:  Metro Stars teams will play in both local and regional/national tournaments based on age level and team level of play.  Our younger teams (4th-7th grade) typically play local tournaments starting in early April and ending in mid-June.   Our older tams (8th grade and above) will play in a mix of local and regional/national tournaments that vary from season to season with a tournament season running from early April to mid/late July .  Final tournament schedules for each team will be set by in early 2022 after teams are formed and head coaches weigh in on tournament schedules.

If you are a COACH interested in joining the Metro Stars coaching staff for the 2022 season please contact Andy Meinhardt at mnmetrostars@gmail.com


There will be a one time, $20 fee, that will allow you to attend as many workout/tryout sessions that you would like.  We ask that all players bring their own basketball and a reversible jersey.  Registration will begin 30 min before scheduled start time.

Tuesday Aug 3 (2023 Age Level): 700-815 Tanglen Elementary School (Hopkins)

Wednesday Aug 4 (2026-2027 Age Levels): 615-730 Bloomington JEFFERSON Activity Center

Wednesday Aug 4 (2024-2025 Age Levels): 745-900 Bloomington JEFFERSON Activity Center

Monday Aug 9 (2026-2027 Age Levels): 600-715 Bloomington Kennedy Activity Center

Monday Aug 9 (2024-2025 Age Levels): 730-845 Bloomington Kennedy Activity Center

Tuesday Aug 10 (2023 Age Level): 700-815 Tanglen Elementary School (Hopkins)

Wednesday Aug 11 (2028-2030 Age Levels):  700-815  Bloomington Kennedy Activity Center

Wednesday Aug 18 (2028-2030 Age Levels):  700-815 Tanglen Elementary School (Hopkins)


Wednesday Aug 25 (2028-2030 Age Levels): 615-730 Bloomington Kennedy Activity Center

Wednesday Aug 25 (2027 Age Levels): 745-900